Dynamic Electrical, Refrigeration and Solar is a leading electrical, refrigeration and solar company for the commercial sector. We are an Indigenous certified business with a strong focus on delivering customer outcomes.

While Dynamic has a base of operations in Rockhampton, and satellite in Baralaba, we operate on a decentralised model. Each of our teams are equipped with systems and tools to operate independently on-site throughout Central Queensland. This allows much closer client collaboration and better project outcomes no matter where they are.


Indigenous Certified

Supply Nation Certified | Dynamic Electrical, Refrigeration and SolarSupply nation is Australia’s largest directory of Indigenous registered and certified businesses.

Dynamic Electrical, Refrigeration and Solar is Rockhampton, Gracemere, Woorabinda, Baralaba and greater Central Queensland’s Supply Nation Indigenous Certified electrical company.

Dynamic Management Team

Trent Thorley


Michelle Thorley


Commitment to Quality and Safety

At Dynamic Electrical, Refrigeration and Solar we are committed to quality and have a quality control officer on staff. We provide our staff with personal and professional development training to teach concepts of person and professional self-management. This creates a focus on excellence in each of our team members and helps to maintain our professional public profile.

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Commitment to our local communities

We believe supporting local community events and charities is a vital tool in helping to build community spirit, facilitating local awareness and creating social connections.

Over the years Dynamic Electrical, Refrigeration and Solar have been honoured to be involved in the sponsorship of:

  • Woorabinda Warriors Rugby League Team
  • Woorabinda Austag
  • Woorabinda Rodeo Associations
  • Kulgoodah Dancers
  • Woorabinda Men’s Darts Association
  • Woorabinda to Taroom Charity Walk
  • Woorabinda Kids Christmas Party
  • Baralaba Saratoga Fishing Classic
  • Rockhampton Greyhound Racing Club
  • St Anthony’s School Fete
  • Rebels Touch Football Club
  • Plus many more.


Dynamic Electrical, Refrigeration and Solar is a privately-owned company founded by Directors Trent and Michelle Thorley in 2006. Initially set up as a partnership Trent and Michelle grew the business and by July 2007 the business had 4 employees. The decision was made in October 2008 to create a new company called MTRC Pty Ltd.

Since 2007 Dynamic Electrical, Refrigeration and Solar has achieved consistent growth and now has 14 employees. It is clear that by placing the client’s requirements first, and consistently delivering projects on time, within budget and in a safe manner Dynamic Electrical, Refrigeration and Solar will achieve growth into the future.

People & Culture

Dynamic Electrical, Refrigeration and Solar recognises employees as the company’s most valuable assets and therefore has a commitment to providing ongoing training, development and support.

Wherever possible, Dynamic Electrical, Refrigeration and Solar employ local staff and apprentices to ensure local knowledge is readily available and sustained within the company.

Dynamic Electrical, Refrigeration and Solar aims to retain quality employees by providing internal and external training and development. Dynamic Electrical, Refrigeration and Solar has found that high levels of staff satisfaction can be achieved by enabling staff to continually improve their skills in their chosen field.

Mission, Vision, Values


To provide the best service and workmanship to our clientele to fulfil their needs and aspirations enabling them to achieve their milestones.


To have a world class innovative team that delivers on performance, striving for customer satisfaction.


Safety & Workmanship, Honesty & Culture

Neville Perkins, Woorabinda Shire Council

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